Slippers by Padraig Cottage

"A Family tradition since 1977."

Mission Statement: "To produce quality Children's Slippers, made by skilled artisans, using natural materials while treating our community, our staff and our partners with fairness and respect."

PADRAIG COTTAGE CHILDREN'S SLIPPERS are handmade in beautiful North Vancouver, British Columbia. The tops are hand crocheted with natural sheep's wool, hand dyed in numerous beautiful colours. The soles are leather from tanned cow hide, sustainably sourced. Inside the slipper, feet rest on a soft bed of pure thick, natural sheepskin.

Wool is a sustainable resource that with minimal care will keep your feet cool in summer, and more importantly perhaps for our climate, nice and toasty all winter long. PADRAIG COTTAGE SLIPPERS can be washed in the machine on a gentle cycle, with warm water and mild soap. DO NOT wash with anything with zippers or velcro. AIR DRY in the shade (NOT in direct sun).

Each pair is unique, and one-of-a-kind. They are guaranteed to be comfortable, and will last for years. These slippers can be handed down to younger siblings. Your Child's feet will thank you.

Made in Canada. Supporting small businesses.