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"a la cuisine!" Fun IN THE KITCHEN strategy card game.

An observation and strategy card game, with ingredient cards labelled according to recipes your family chef is trying to prepare. Designed for up to 6 players. With 17 recipe cards and 63 ingredient cards.

The fussiest eater in the bunch starts out as "restaurant manager". Play begins after laying the cards face down, the "restaurant manager" calls out: "kitchen open!" Play begins by swapping cards as necessary to create the dishes being served. When a dish is ready to serve, the player calls out: "a la cuisine!"

The game strategy can change depending on age levels. Fun for the whole family! Instructions in French, English and Spanish too. Cloth bag included for card storage.

Made in Spain. From Londji, Barcelona. Fun Family Games from 3 to 103! View our Collection from Londji Family Games & Puzzles.

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