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Package of 80 wipes.

From BooBamboo, biodegradable DISPOSABLE BABY WIPES are made of ultra-soft, eco-friendly, 100% unbleached bamboo cloth. They will safely and gently cleanse Baby's body using all natural ingredients, and enriched with Vitamin E to soothe even the most sensitive newborn skin.

Perfectly pH balanced to clean without stripping away natural oils, BooBamboo BABY WIPES can be used at every diaper change if necessary. NO synthetic fragrances. NO colours. 

Cruelty Free. Gluten Free. Vegan. 

REUSABLE BABY WIPES from OKO Creations, sold separately. View all OKO EcoHome  products.

BooBamboo of Hush Brands Inc., Toronto, Canada. Supporting Canadian Companies.