Board Game Set - GO FISHING! Magnetic Game

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Too much fun! The children might not get to play!

A lovely, simple game of magnetic fishing, designed for young children age 3 years, and up, to have fun playing "Le Jeu de Peche, sur Le Voyage d'Olga...", in this great GO FISHING GAME, with  2 wooden fishing poles with magnets on the ends.

The simplest game is just trying to catch the 10 WOODEN FISHES. Set up the ocean with the 4 inter-connecting board pieces, and place the 10 FISHES, and the 2 CRABS inside. Face down, or face up, with points showing, or not, depending on age of your players, and level of competition involved. Your choice. Let's Get Fishing!

Have fun! From Moulin Roty, France. Educational Toys and Family Fun. View all Wooden Toys.