Children's Picture Book - PEG, the LITTLE SHEEPDOG, or UAN, the LITTLE LAMB

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Written and illustrated by Children's Scottish author Sandra Klassen, whose love for the Outer Hebrides off the coast of Scotland, comes through in her stories brimming with life and love.

Peg the little Sheepdog, and Uan (pronounced "Oo-an") the Little Lamb are two of her most well known characters, and children will love reading about their mis-adventures...and finding families of their own to love.

We are introduced to them both in each of these "wonderful bedtime stories".

Softcover. Please choose: PEG THE LITTLE SHEEPDOG, or UAN THE LITTLE LAMB when ordering. Kelpie Picture Books for Children.

Peg and Uan are together in a Board Book for Baby, MAKING FRIENDS. Sold separately.