Children’s Folk&Fairy Tales - THE TALE OF THE TAM LINN

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Other books in the series sold separatel"All children were told of a boy called Tam Linn who had been stolen by the fairies. THE TALE OF THE TAM LINN tells them about the fierce fairy knight who guards the woods for the Fairy Queen."

This magical adaptation of this traditional fairy tale by award-winning author Lari Don and Philip Longson's breathtaking illustrations, will capture any child's imagination.

 The hero of this re-telling is a young brave girl! Janet has been forbidden to enter into the woods near her father's castle. Defying her father, she meets Tam Linn and offers to release him from the spell he is under. Janet is put to the test against fairy magic  in THE TALE OF THE TAM LINN. Will she save him to live "happily ever after"?

Softcover, with heavy grade front and back flaps. PictureKelpies for young Children.

THE SELKIE GIRL sold separately.