Activity Set - SOFT BALLS(for Toss & Catch)

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Yahoo!  What every young child wants... a super fun ball to play with outside...or even...inside! This SOFT BALL is actually recommended for ages 10months through Kindergarten for easy play, and older kids just learning to play ball games. 

What every parent of a young child wants... a SUPER SOFT BALL to play with! This 10cm (4inch) soft ball will not hurt while your kids are learning to throw and catch. Nor can the ball break anything if tossed inside. Adult supervision recommended however with older children!

Please choose from one of three really fun designs and primary colours of RED with NURSERY ANIMALS. LIGHT BLUE with sweet FARMYARD ANIMALS. DARK BLUE with JAZZ CATS.

Price is for one SOFT BALL. Moulin Roty, France. Quality Toys for Children. View all Activity Games.