Chapter Books for Older Readers - SPELLCHASERS TRILOGY

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The breathtaking Spellchasers Trilogy by Lari Don. "A World of Brilliant Magic!"

Please choose by title when ordering: The Beginner's Guide to Curses (volume 1); The Shapeshifter's Guide to Running Away (volume 2); The Which's Guide to Magical Combat (volume 3). Collect all 3.

THE BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO CURSES introduces our heroine Molly Drummond, who knows curses arn't real. She can't be cursed! Can she? Why does she turn into a very fast hare every time a dog barks? Follow Molly into a magical world, unexpected adventure and extraordinary friendship.

THE SHAPESHIFTER'S GUIDE TO RUNNING AWAY continues Molly's extraordinary adventure, as she teams up with a whole team of magical creatures searching for a way to free her from her curse. Join in on this exciting "fantasy quest" with Molly and hew wonderful new friends.

THE WITCH'S GUIDE TO MAGICAL COMBAT pitches Molly and her extraordinary, magical friends against a rogue, and powerful curse army! They must use dark magic to defeat the curse-casters. But, at what cost? Will Molly lose her friend? How can she break her shapeshifting curse?

Look for The Fabled Beast Chronicles series of books, also by Lari Don. Sold separately. All magical adventures!

Softcover. 267pages. Kelpies Discover Books for Children.