Chapter Books for Older Readers - BREAKER, or HOX

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From celebrated children's author, Annemarie Allan, winner of the Kelpies Prize. Mystery, and thrilling adventure will enthral the beginning older reader.

In HOX, 12 year-old Robbie is angry and frustrated having to spend weekends with his father at work at the Institute for Animal Research. But, a disturbing encounter thrusts him into a perilous journey accompanied by two unexpected and mysterious companions!

In BREAKER, Tom and Beth face a whole summer with no friends, and a windswept beach. Secret, weird, wonderful inventions are unexpectedly discovered when they meet Professor MacBlain. Will be help them avert an environmental catastrophe? Or, is he the culprit?

Please choose from the two titles: HOX, or BREAKER, An Undersea Adventure.

Kelpies Discover Books for Children. Softcover. 180pages.