Children’s Fables & FairyTales - THE TORTOISE AND THE HARE

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An old, beloved Aesop Fable, of determination and perseverance.

Aesop's THE TORTOISE AND THE HARE tells the story of the humble, slow-moving tortoise challenging the fast-talking hare to a running race through the countryside. Who will have the last laugh? Children love finding out.

Another wonderfully illustrated, re-telling by celebrated, acclaimed children's book illustrator, Bernadette Watts. Known throughout Europe simply as Bernadette, she has illustrated many dozens of fables, folk and fairy tales. Born in England in 1942, she loved to draw from childhood. She studied at the Maidstone College of Art in Kent, England, and still lives there today. She has often said that she gets her inspiration from nature, and the beautiful landscapes around her. Her books all have her signature warm, detailed, colourful, beautiful watercolour illustrations. Her books are really lovely.

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Softcover. NordSud Books, Switzerland.