Children’s Picture Book - NOT MY GIRL

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Written by celebrated Indigenous First Nation author, and Residential School survivor, Margaret-Olemaun Pokiak-Fenton. This is her true story.

"Olemaun is eight, and even if it means leaving her Arctic home, she is determined to go to the faraway school where she will learn how to read. Now, after two whole years away, she has returned home. Sadly, her mother does not recognize her. "Not my girl", she says angrily."

NOT MY GIRL is the sequel to WHEN I WAS EIGHT. With the powerful love of her family, Margaret-Olemaun will re-learn her language of the north, she will learn to love her family's food again, she will thrill to riding in a dog sled again... and, finally she will be blessed to hear her mother call her "My girl" again.  

Written now for young children to meet this remarkable girl, and to remind us all about the power of books.

Art for this compelling story is by Quebec artist Gabrielle Grimard. She dedicates her work to "all the little Olemauns of the world."

The co-author is Christy Jordan-Fenton, her daughter-in-law. They have also collaborated on Fatty Leggs and A Stranger at Home. More from our FIRST NATIONS Collection sold separately.

Both the authors are from St. John, British Columbia. Sadly, Margaret-Olemaun Pokiak-Fenton died in April, 2021. Her powerful voice will live on in her stories.

Supporting Canadian authors.