Children’s Picture Book - SONG FOR THE SNOW

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"What can one person do to bring back the snow?"

Freya is a little girl who has always loved the snow. After two long winters without snow, she wonders what can she do to bring it back. One day she is gifted a beautiful snow globe at the local market by an old woman who tells Freya the special melody the snow globe plays was a song the townspeople used to sing to call the snow.

SONG FOR THE SNOW is a beautiful modern fable written and illustrated by Canadian award-winning creators Jon-Erik Lappano and Byron Eggenschwiler that speaks to the powerful role past traditions play in shaping a more hopeful future.

Freya brings the song back to her community with joyous results! Once again, the song filled their homes and their hearts. And...the snowflakes began to fall...

Hardcover, with sleeve. Supporting Canadian Authors and Illustrators. Printed in Canada.

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