Children’s Picture Book - THE CHRISTMAS PINE

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"I travelled far across the sea... And now I am a Christmas tree."

A magical story for Christmas, written by much-loved author, Julia Donaldson.

Based on a true story, THE CHRISTMAS PINE celebrates the tradition, since 1947, of Norway presenting to the British People a spectacular Christmas Tree, usually a Norwegian spruce pine tree, as a symbol of friendship and peace, and as a special thankyou for their support during World War II.

Norwegian foresters choose the tree, calling it the Queen of the Forest. They take special care, to ensure it is fitting for the tribute. After a special ceremony, the chosen tree begins the long journey to London's Trafalger Square to be decorated. For the lighting ceremony, a chosen British Poet is asked to write a welcoming story. In 2020, it was Julia Donaldson's THE CHRISTMAS PINE, now lovingly illustrated by Victoria Sandoy, bringing the story to life!

Hardcover, with flaps.