Children’s Picture Book - THREE SNOW BEARS

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Beloved author/illustrator Jan Brett travelled to Iquluit, capital of Nunavut Territory, in northern Canada, to meet the Inuit people. She has created a re-telling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears based on images she saw in the town of Pangnirtung, of arctic animals in Inuit clothes. She slept in igloos, and travelled by dog sled, and was inspired by all she saw and the friendly welcoming people she met.

THE THREE SNOW BEARS is the result! With her trademark beautifully detailed borders on every page, and her colourful imagination of animal life, she has brought Goldilocks and the Three Bears to life in Canada's Arctic. Children will love to meet Aloo-ki and laugh as she tries out the bowls of porridge, the beautiful Inuit winter boots, and falls asleep in a pile of warm furs inside the Snow Bears' Igloo home.

Hardcover, with sleeve.