Crafting Resource Books -TOYMAKING WITH CHILDREN

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NOTE: Sorry! This title is out of print! We are seeking other titles. MAKING SOFT TOYS is available, sold separately.

Making toys with children. Explained in simple easy-to-follow instructions on how to create, but more importantly, how to enjoy creating, these toys together.

TOYMAKING WITH CHILDREN written by educator, author on children's play, Freya Jaffke, is a practical guidebook on simple knotted toys, to a beautiful wooden dollhouse! Of course it includes instructions on how to make puppets and dolls too.

A practical and beautifully illustrated CRAFTING RESOURCE BOOK for the whole family to learn from and enjoy making projects together! 

One of a series of Floris Crafting Books, written by authors experienced in their crafting field. All titles, to learn many new skills, sold separately. All with detailed, full colour illustrations and photographs, for clear step-by-step instructions on all projects.

Softcover, with heavy grade covers.