EcoHome - Pierced Tin LOTUS MANDALA CANDLE SHADE with Beeswax Votive Candle

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Price includes a beautiful BEESWAX VOTIVE CANDLE.

Originally founded by Master Tinsmith Greg Pietersma over 30 years ago, Pietersma Tinworks in Lancaster, Ontario, Canada makes beautiful, functional handcrafted tinware products for your home. Hand-crafting Antique-styled Pierced Tinware Candle Shades and Night-Lights, and Christmas Tree Tin Ornaments, using traditional time-honoured techniques, to preserve this beautiful, functional, and long-lasting art form for your home today. "We appreciate you supporting our small Family-run business."

Here is their PIERCED TIN LOTUS MANDALA CANDLE SHADE, sold with tin safety shield base. We have include a long lasting, honey-scented BEESWAX VOTIVE CANDLE from Your Time Boutique Beeswax Candles. 

These pierced-tin LARGE CANDLE SHADES are perfect for inside your home and will beautifully light a special corner with their intricate pierced-tin designs. Large enough to use outside as well. Please, dry if tin gets wet to prevent rust. As each is hand-crafted, there will be some variation. Truly a special Gift. 

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Made in Canada. Supporting Small Canadian Businesses.