Educational Resource - I SPEAK SIX LANGUAGES GAME

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"Fall in love with languages!" From age 6 years to 106 years.

Learn 100 words in 6 languages with the help of this sweet, fun interactive game the whole family can participate in. To play the I SPEAK SIX LANGUAGES GAME, pick a card with one of a hundred different images. Roll the dice. Instead of numbers on the dice, there are language choices: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Catalan. Then say the word.

Catalan is the local language used in the area of Spain, where this game was produced. Londji, Barcelona decided to promote Catalan as their way to raise awareness of all lesser known languages. The other 5 language choices are all Latin based main language choices. Once you master these, only another 6 495 active world languages to go!

Game pieces are kept neatly in the cloth bag. View other School Activity Cards and Games.

Made in Spain. View our Collection from Londji Family Games & Puzzles.