Little Fairy Doll - FLOWER FAIRY Collection

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NOTE: Sadly, these original Flower Fairy Dolls are no longer available! Please view our complete FLOWER FAIRY COLLECTION for other choices.

"Two inches of exquisite craftsmanship". Children just love them!

The FLOWER FAIRY WALDORF DOLLS of Romania. Handmade with love in their workshop of a Woman's Cooperative, Ambrosius Prodcom. All their creations can stand alone, with bendable, posable arms. A few of the BABY FLOWER FAIRY DOLLS also have posable legs. All are made with felt wool bodies, hats and flowers, with soft cotton tricot over pipecleaner wire. Hair and stuffing is clean sheep's wool fleece.

Pictured are the LITTLE FLOWER FAIRY DOLLS: Little POINSETTIA. Little MISTLETOE. Little SUNFLOWER. LITTLE ACORN. LITTLE ROSE HIP. Both Acorn and RoseHip Dolls have short hair. Poinsettia, Mistletoe and Sunflower Dolls have long hair.

Price is per LITTLE FLOWER FAIRY DOLL. Please select your choice when ordering.

These are a little smaller, and need help to stand alone. Perfect for Nature Table settings, and gentle dollhouse play...or, to bring a smile to everyone, every day.

Many other larger, stand alone Flower Fairy Doll choices, and Flower Fairy Babies are available. Sold separately. View Collection.

Made in Romania.