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Handcrafted in Canada by All Things Jill. Always CRUELTY FREE!

INGREDIENTS: 100% NATURAL: Baking Soda, Clay Powder, 100% ORGANIC: Citrus Oils (Lime & Mandarin), TEE TREE and Patchouli Oils. That's it!

Shakin' All Over, Chic Puppy, PET FRESHENING CARPET SODA with a few shakes...leave on for 15-20 minutes...vacuum, or sweep as usual... will remove that lovely doggy odour, and get that general dirty dog smell out of your space, and leave a refreshingly citrusy smell behind.

Super great for your other best friend's bathroom space (ie: Shake and leave in Kitty litter boxes!). BONUS: Works like crazy on red wine stains, or deodorizing any odoriferous area!

225g (8oz) recyclable plastic jar. Do not get moisture in the jar.

Made in Canada. Supporting Small Canadian Businesses. See other Holistic Pet Health products.