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WoW! You make up this puzzle of different people doing different things...like riding a bike, or flying an airplane... or silly, fantastical things like, flying a magic carpet!

They are doing these things in ALL AROUND MY PLANET! PUZZLE.

The puzzle is designed to challenge children between the ages of 5 to 8. The puzzle has 54 large pieces that form a general cloud shape, around a whimsical detail of our planet Earth. But, the coolest part is taking the planet Earth out, and building it back on the reverse side, with a different design! Children will be excited by the fun of seeing what is on the other side.

Completed puzzle is 50x65cm (20x25,5inches).

Made in Spain. Londji, Barcelona. Family Puzzle Fun! From 3 to 103! View our Collection from Londji Family Games & Puzzles.