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Price is for 3 REUSABLE TEA BAGS, and handy wooden balancing stick.

From Your Green Kitchen in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. A lovely, easy way to reduce tea bag waste. And so easy to use! Three 100% Organic Cotton cloth bags can be filled with your favourite loose leaf tea, and easily suspended in your cup with the included wooden stick. A sharp point easily pierces the fabric to balance the filled reusable bag and allow the tea to steep in your cup.

2 ways to use: 1)Place the empty bag, with balancing stick through it, in your cup and then fill with loose leaf tea. 2)Fill the bag with loose leaf tea first, and then pierce the balancing stick through and put filled bag in your cup. Either way, pour boiling water over, steep, enjoy! Repeat if desired.

Bags are washable, but rinsing after every use, and keeping bags used for black, fruit and chamomile/mint teas separate is recommended. 

Made in Canada. Supporting small Canadian Businesses.