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Beautiful, life-like, Hand and Finger Puppets by Folkmanis. All are soft and cuddly, and made with quality workmanship for a childhood of imaginative play.

This is their fabulous CANADA GOOSE PUPPET. Living all over North America... with many adapting to large urban areas... like Downtown Toronto!, the Canada goose is perhaps best known as Canada's National Bird, although that distinction actually belongs to the Grey Jay. The Canada Goose has been an important part of the Canadian landscape, and an important bird to the First Nations people of the Arctic. They have heavy downy feathers to keep them warm all winter!

Children will love to look up in the sky and see the geese flying in their famous V formation. Their distinctive honking sounds herald the changing of the seasons!

A hand placed in the under-side of the puppet can make the Canada Goose move it's wings, and bob it's long neck for true life-like movement. Pictured with the Folkmanis COTTONTAIL RABBIT PUPPET, our CANADA GOOSE PUPPET measures over 45cm (18inches) long from tip to tip of it's strong, powerful wings, and stands 30cm (12inches) tall.

Folkmanis Puppet  MINI Hand Animal Puppet sets sold separately.