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New! Representing some of Canada's most iconic wild animals, from 10 different ECO-ZONES ACROSS CANADA! From the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic, and North to Hudson Bay! Exclusive Puppet Sets of Folkmanis MINI HAND FINGER PUPPETS. With fun facts information cards on each of the animals. Their adventure only awaits imagination!

Your WILD ANIMALS OF GEORGIAN BAY, on the shores of Lake Huron: 5 Puppets. The mini RED SQUIRREL. The mini BLUEBIRD. The mini BARN OWL. The mini STRIPED SKUNK. The mini FIELD MOUSE. These Wild Animals are commonly seen flying and scurrying through the fields and woods in the Georgian Bay area of southern Ontario in the Mixedwood Plains Ecozone. FUN FACT: BLUEBIRDS are coming back to the area because of special bluebird houses built for nesting pairs. You need to put up 2 about six feet apart, so other birds can nest in one...and the Bluebird pair in the other! See our Bird House, sold separately.

Folkmanis soft, life-like MINI HAND FINGER PUPPETS, encourage imaginative, open-ended play, endearing hugs and snuggly companionship. Each soft, life-like mini puppet fits securely onto a child's finger from the underside of the animal's belly...Bringing them to life!

The Folkmanis MINI collection of Animals and Birds measure 12-15cm (5-6inches). The mini Baby Bunny shown here is for size comparison, not part of this set. The mini Baby Bunny is part of the MINI SPRING BABY ANIMALS Puppet Set.

Look for our exclusive line of ANIMAL PUPPET SETS with Folkmanis MINI Puppets: Backyard Birds. Wild Animals of Toronto. Wild Animals from different ECO-ZONES ACROSS CANADA: Animals of the Laurentian Forests. And more. Sold separately.

Larger full-size Folkmanis HAND PUPPETS are available in this Soft Toy Puppet Collection. Also sold separately.