Soft Puppet Toy - SNOWY OWL PUPPET

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Beautiful, life-like, Hand and Finger Puppets by Folkmanis. All are soft and cuddly, and made with quality workmanship for a childhood of imaginative play.

This is their absolutely life-like SNOWY OWL PUPPET...right down to it's spectacular wing span!..dense, thick white plumage!...large clawed feet!...and completely rotating head! All adaptations to living in the North Woods of Canada, and hunting through the cold winter months! So life-like, but so soft at the same time. Truly quite spectacular!

A hand placed in the under-side of the puppet can make the Snowy Owl's entire head rotate for true life-like movement. Pictured with the Folkmanis RIVER OTTER PUPPET, our SNOWY OWL PUPPET measures over 45cm (18inches) long from tip to tip of it's heavy wings, and stands 30cm (12inches) tall.

Folkmanis Puppet  MINI Hand Animal Puppet sets sold separately.