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To be played outside! Or, very carefully inside! REAL WOODEN BALLS!

Remember SKITTLES from when you were a kid? It's back! Made in France from solid hard maple wood. 6 WOODEN PINS. 2 WOODEN BALLS. All in a sturdy, handy zippered carrying case.

The WOODEN PINS are each painted a chip-free lacquer in 6 vibrant colours: RED. YELLOW. TURQUOISE. ORANGE. LIGHT BLUE. PURPLE. Games can be played any number of ways depending on the age of those playing. Knock all the pins down. Or, aim for particular colours. Can be played inside under close supervision, and with padded walls!  An all WHITE SKITTLE GAME sold separately.

Indoor / outdoor wooden lacquered bowling set includes 6 wooden pins, in 6 BRIGHT COLOURS 24cm tall and 2 wooden balls. Diameter of pins 4.5cm. Packaged in an easy-to-carry bag measuring approx 22.5 x 25 x 8 cm. 

Made in France. Vilac, France. Quality Wooden Toys since 1911. View our Wooden Family Games Collection.