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To be played outside! Or, very carefully inside! REAL WOODEN BALLS!

Remember SKITTLES from when you were a kid? It's back! Made in France from solid hard maple wood. 6 WOODEN PINS. 2 WOODEN BALLS. All in a sturdy, handy zippered carrying case. So cool...the case doubles as a BACKBACK! Take your bowling game with you!

The WOODEN PINS are each painted a chip-free lacquer in BRIGHT WHITE. Games can be played any number of ways depending on the age of those playing. Knock all the pins down. Or, aim for a particular bowling pin. Can be played inside under close supervision, and with padded walls! A more colourful set of skittles sold separately with 6 vibrant  COLOURS SKITTLES set.

Indoor / outdoor wooden lacquered bowling set includes 6 BRIGHT WHITE wooden pins 24cm tall and 2 wooden balls. Diameter of pins 4.5cm. Packaged in an easy-to-carry bag measuring approx 22.5 x 25 x 8 cm. 

Made in France. Vilac, France. Quality Wooden Toys since 1911. View our Wooden Family Games Collection.