Children’s Chapter Picture Book - THE YULE TOMTE AND THE LITTLE RABBITS

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Lovingly, joyfully illustrated by Eva Eriksson, one of Sweden's best-loved illustrators of Children's books.

Written by Ulf Stark to honour the Swedish tradition of the Tomte bringing the presents on Christmas night, THE YULE TOMTE AND THE LITTLE RABBITS, A Christmas Story for Advent, is sure to become a Christmas classic.

When a sudden gust of wind blows off his mittens and his hat, Grump the Yule Tomte...who lives all alone, just as he wishes...must find them...or he won't be the Yule Tomte this year, and he won't get his bowl of porridge from the children in the big house. Luckily for him, some friendly rabbits in the nearby woods...who do not know what Christmas is...might be able to help him out, and save the day!

THE YULE TOMTE AND THE LITTLE RABBITS is written with twenty-five short chapters, one chapter for each day of Advent. Families will enjoy reading this beautiful picture book together, as a way to celebrate a wonderful Christmas tradition. The story is truly filled with wonder and friendship that every one will embrace. A wonderful gift.

Hardcover, with cloth spine. Floris Books for Children. View other stories children will love with magical Tomtes and Tomtens!