Children's Picture Book - ON THE NIGHT YOU WERE BORN

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Bestselling children's author Nancy Tillman, creates stories to convey to children everywhere that "You are Loved". Her texts are simple, her illustrations heartwarming.

"Heaven blew every trumpet, and played every horn... on the wonderful, marvelous night you were born!" A beautiful tribute to the uniqueness that is every child. ON THE NIGHT YOU WERE BORN is one of those rare books for children that make "both skeptics and sentimentalists of all ages happy".

Every page is a joyous celebration of baby's arrival. A truly lovely little book that shouts out loud how much "you are loved". Readers are encouraged to whisper, to shout, to hug, to "say things out loud" "count little toes"... and, all will want to read this little gem again, and again! "...for there never will be another like you!..."

Hardcover. Signed by the author. Also available in Board Book format. See all Nancy Tillman books.