Crafting Resource Book - MAKING SOFT TOYS

Crafting Resource Book - MAKING SOFT TOYS

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A practical and beautifully illustrated CRAFTING RESOURCE BOOK for the whole family to learn from and enjoy making projects together! 

Learn to make your own unique, handmade fabric toys. Clear instructions, step-by-step diagrams and plenty of photographs ensure success. MAKING SOFT TOYS is written by well-known craft teacher, Karin Neuschutz. All projects are suitable for beginners, as well as those more experienced at sewing. All can be sewn by hand, and/or by machine, as you prefer!

CROCHETING SOFT TOYS sold separately. Also by the same author, SEWING DOLLS, and CREATIVE WOOL.

One of a series of Floris Crafting Books, written by authors experienced in their crafting field. All titles, to learn many new skills, sold separately. All with detailed, full colour illustrations and photographs, for clear step-by-step instructions on all projects.

Softcover, with heavy grade covers.