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New from Toronto company, ETEE, a plastic-free KITCHEN DISH SOAP BAR! Each 6 ounce bar of soap is soft on your hands and has a lovely light scent from Essential Oil of Lemon. But, most importantly, it works with a powerful clean. Safe for beeswax based food wraps, and tough on dirty dishes. Completely plastic-free.

Also great on laundry stains! "Let sit for 15 minutes after rubbing wet stain."

Made in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.

For a Natural Home. KITCHEN GIFT TRIO, pairing the Soap Bar with the STONE SOAP DISH and ReDecker POT SCRUBBER brush, sold separately.

Supporting small Canadian businesses. Our STONE SOAP DISH is made from real, fresh water river stones by All Things Jill.  View all products from All Things Jill.