Dollhouse Waldorf Doll - GRIMM’S BABY DOLLS

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NEW! From Grimm's workshop in Germany. BABY DOLLHOUSE DOLLS!

Known for their exceptional high quality wooden toys for children, Grimm's also makes beautiful, fully posable, stand-alone WALDORF DOLLHOUSE DOLLS. All are fully clothed with cotton clothing and felt wool accents, and velour boots. All clothing is non-removable. Hair is sewn on wool. Skin is cotton tricot. Both, hair and tricot come in a range of natural skin tones and hair colours.

This is their beautiful, adorable BABY DOLLHOUSE DOLL. All caps, and Baby Buntings are sewn on, and do not come off. The body is soft, and stuffed with clean 100% sheep's wool. All BABY DOLLS are 5cm (2inches) tall. Please choose from 3 different cotton cap colours: BABY SAM in YELLOW CAP. BABY LEO in BLUE CAP. BABY MIA in PINK CAP.

Other EVI Dollhouse Dolls sold separately.

NOTE: All Grimm's products are backordered. Shipments are hard to predict. Thankyou for your patience as we source more stock options.

Made in Germany.