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Lavender Essential Oil. 100% Pure Lavender Oil grown on a farm in Quebec.

Bleu Lavande Essential Lavender Oil can be applied behind the ears and massage, for use in Aromatherapy as a calming aid, and in a diffuser to bring calming elements in an holistic home, and to help relieve muscle pain and headaches. 15ml. Also available in a convenient ROLL-ON. Sold Separately.

Also, add just a few drops on your Wool Dryer Balls for a wonderful fresh scent. Wool Dryer Balls sold separately.

For a Natural Home. NOTE: It's "Bleu" (with an e, which is the correct spelling in French)...not Blue...a mistake frequently made...if you are searching for more of their fantastic products! All sold separately.

Made in Canada. Supporting small Canadian businesses. View our Holistic Health Collection.