Parenting Resource Book - A CHILD"S SEASONAL TREASURY

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"Whenever you are longing for artistic guidance and inspiration with young children, reach for this treasured collection!"

A Child's Seasonal Treasury. Stories to tell. Poems and Verses to read. Songs to sing together. Activities to do with children. Written, compiled and illustrated by Betty Jones, a pioneering Waldorf Kindergarten teacher, her work and her writing focus on art therapy and developing cross-cultural educational curriculum for early language learning. 

Endorsed by the Waldorf Early Childhood Association. A CHILD'S SEASONAL TREASURY is an absolutely beautiful book to look through, with beautiful watercolour illustrations. More importantly, the rich content matches the beauty of the paintings!

"Each page provides ways to engage children with age-appropriate joy, and through Nature and the arts enhance family culture." All in one volume, an invitation to participate thoroughly "in the seasonal dance!"

Softcover. 140pages.