Pet Holistic Health - ORGANIC DOG BISCUITS Sadie's Biscotties

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Crafted for our Great Pyrenees Sadie, from a recipe our dogs have loved for over 6 years. All Organic, Human Grade Whole ingredients. Slow Baked to a hardness that can help keep teeth clean. Baked in our kitchen in Toronto, Ontario.

Choices are PUMPKIN Dog Biscuits and PEANUT BUTTER Dog Biscuits. Both are equally enjoyed! Ingredients: Wheat Flour. Spelt Flour. Whole Rolled Ontario Oats. PUMPKIN or PEANUT BUTTER. Eggs. Nutritional Yeast. Yoghurt. Goat'sMilk. Flaxseed. OliveOil. Nettle. Garlic. Molasses. AppleCiderVinegar.

Some ingredient substitutions include Goat'sMilk for Cow'sMilkYoghurt, and Spelt Flour for Wheat Flour. Locally sourced. Always, Human Grade. Always, Organic.

300g bags include a Bay Leaf for freshness.

Made in Canada. Supporting small Canadian businesses. See other Holistic Pet Health products.

Other varieties, including GLUTEN-FREE, NUT-FREE and VEGAN options, and smaller size biscuits in 175g bags with SWEET POTATO and/or BUTTERNUT SQUASH for sale online @