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"Children eagerly discover shapes and sorting colours. Through hands-on play, they develop fine motor skills and truly learn in their own way."

Using these 6 wooden bowls, in 6 beautiful colours, children can sort out the 18 wooden pieces by colour, or by shape. The all wooden tongs included can be used by older children, as an additional skill set.

There are 6 HEART shapes, 6 FISH shapes, and 6 STAR shapes. All in 6 COLOURS! The 2 sets of all wooden tongs and the 6 WOODEN BOWLS, one each in the 6 colours of red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and purple complete this fun and beautiful RAINBOW BOWLS SORTING GAME SET by the Woodworking Workshop Grimm's, Germany. The tongs measure 18cm(7inches). The bowls are 8cm(3inches) in diameter. Each wooden piece is 4-6cm(1,5-2inches).

Made in Germany. Grimm's Wooden Toys. Quality for a childhood of play. View our Wooden Family Games Collection.